Saving Pennies

pennies-15727_640“A penny saved is a penny earned.” That’s what Grandma said every time she slipped me some coins. I had no idea what she was talking about. For me having pennies in my pocket meant a trip to the candy store to buy wax lips or Tootsie Rolls. But now that Grandma’s gone, her sayings keep coming back to me. Guess that’s why I started saving my pennies. You know, those pesky little coppers that clog up your change purse. I got out an old sock and every night I dropped in the pennies I’d collected that day. You’d be surprised how fast the sock got heavy. Grandma would approve, I thought….which shows you how much I know. Someone said Albertsons had a machine that would turn my pennies into dollars. Seemed like a good idea. On Thursday morning I put the bulging sock into my raincoat pocket and took the bus to work. Looking out the streaming windows, I was very glad to be warm and dry. At the end of the workday, my deskmate said, “Want to catch a beer? “Unh uh,” I said, “I’m goin’ to the market so I can cash in my pennies.” She grabbed her umbrella. “Watch out for the Rainy Day Bandit,” she said, “The TV said he’s knocked down three women and snatched their purses.” “That was in Hollywood,” I answered, “Far from this suburb.” The bus stopped a block away from Albertsons. The streetlights shone down on big puddles. I passed an auto parts store already closed for the night. Next came the black windows of a business for rent. Then just beyond an alley, I saw the bright lights of Albertsons.. As I hurried toward those lights, a man rushed from the alley with a scarf hiding his face. As he reached for the strap of my shoulder bag. I grabbed my sockful of pennies and swung it right at his head. He yowled and staggered. I kept banging him with my heavy sock until he collapsed yelling for help.. Then I hollered, “Hey, somebody please help me” and people came running. They muscled me away from the whimpering guy. Someone must have called the cops. A black and white car zoomed up and two officers jumped out. One took my attacker into custody; the other took my statement. Much to my amazement I found I’d just delivered the Rainy Day Bandit to the police. So now I have this framed certificate of thanks made out to Miss Penny Leavenworth. And I also got the two thousand dollar reward offered for capturing the thief. Grandma, had it almost right. A Penny saved can earn a pretty penny.


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