Mary Jo Hazard

[Peninsula News Photo by Tom Underhill]

Mary Jo Hazard has lived in Palos Verdes for over forty years. Life on the peninsula inspired her books: P is for Palos Verdes, The Peacocks of Palos Verdes, and Palo’s World. An avid reader, Mary Jo is a member of Friends of the Library, Surfwriters, SCBWI, CORE, and is current president of Rainbow Services—a domestic violence agency in the South Bay. She wrote the “Welcome Wagon Column” for the Palos Verdes Peninsula News in 1973—1974

No one would have guessed that a thoughtful gift from one friend to another would result in colonies of semi-domestic peacocks spread out today over the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Join author Mary Jo Hazard on a journey through the area, discovering all that these colorful, attention grabbing birds have to offer.

The peacocks of Palos Verdes are very special. They are beautiful and sometimes loud. In this story we are introduced to Palo, and watch him grow up. Palo learns a very important lesson as a peachick when he and his sisters are attacked by a wild coyote. He thinks that the fear he showed on that day will stay with him always. Palo is mistaken because, by the end of this adventure, his quick thinking and courage save many lives.

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