Jeff Guenther

Jeff Guenther, MSChE, is a retired engineer, and both a novelist and playwrite.

Jeff has attended writing workshops since 1972 and has critiqued over 3000 pieces of short fiction. He is a past president of Southwest Manuscripters. He has written three non-fiction works, three novels, a novella, a novelette, four magazine articles, over 50 short stories, and 120 poems.

Jeff’s completed novels include: Sail Away on My Silver Dream (World Nouveau Books, 2012), Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain (nominated as best novel, SBWC, 2005), Sherlock Holmes and the Twelve Apostles, and True Map of the City. Works in progress include Something Wicked In Ichekaw and The Adventures of Tenirax.

His most recent completed project is “In the Mouth of the Lion,” a historical novel based Carl Jung meeting Adolf Hitler in 1942.

A list of Jeff’s plays:

Midnight in the Temple of Isis (3 acts)*
A Present for Robbie**
Mountain Where Rain Alltime**
A Robot of Dawn
The Five Hundred Goodbyes**
Prisoner of Suggins Holler**
Moon of Other Days
Roses in December
Green Dragon Drool

Call of a Distant Song
Do Those Voices in Your Brain Bother You?
Late to the Altar
Secret of the Universe 9.80*
Celestial Navigation
The Lollipop Corps
Department Store Santa**
* Performed as a staged reading
** Performed as a reading, various dates

June, 1942: As the German blitzkrieg stalls in Russia, Hitler’s behavior becomes increasingly eccentric. The German High Command (OKW) suspects Hitler is insane and approaches Carl Jung to request an evaluation of “The Fuehrer’s” mental state. Neither the OKW nor Carl Jung know that his close associate, Mary Bancroft, works for American spymaster Allen Dulles. Bancroft and Dulles urge Jung to enter Nazi-occupied Austria, into the Mouth of the Lion, and extract Hitler’s darkest secrets.
David and Sharon, fifth grade friends, sail away to adventure in their imaginations aboard the Silver Dream. Their voyages and the treasures they find help them cope with their unhappy homes. Sharon also loves to read, but David plays computer games for hours, causing his grades to suffer. Reality lurks just around the corner.

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