Dolores Maria Davis

I began writing while inspired by the riotously colorful market places of Mexico City. That interest morphed into an appreciation of ancient comestibles, followed by archeology, and ultimately, formal study of cuisine at UCLA. Now retired from my career as a chef, I write historical novels with an emphasis on 1500 BC Egypt.

Magdalena is recovering from polio and her mother’s death while living in her grandparents’ meager flat in Little Italy, San Francisco. Mother would have said… a “Black Angel” had come to save them when the family move into an elegant home in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. Her father has bitterly accepted an offer from a crime Family to pay his medical bills. Magdalena’s teenage years are spent trying to please her morose father and protect her reckless sister. An olive-skinned beauty, Magdalena is bright, studious and forgives her father’s favoritism towards her fair-haired sister, who resembles “Mama.” What she cannot empathize with is her father’s self-hatred for rescuing their family from debt. How she deals with her father’s bitterness, her sister’s recklessness and the crime Family becomes Magdalena’s “Black Angel.”
A persistent nightmare torments mob attorney Magdalena D’Alessandro as she plays dangerous games in the no-man’s-land between the law and the crime family in Las Vegas. The heavyweights she encounters on both sides of the law, District Attorney Patrick Bruen and Family Boss Vittorio Brancaccio, are men you don’t cross. She finds herself at odds with not one, but both of them. What if Bruen, her jealous paramour, discovers the deadly secret behind her nightmares? What if Brancaccio, her ruthless employer, orders her whacked? Can Magdalena save herself from both of them? Black Angel Flight plunges the reader into the vengeful worlds of organized crime, power, and family tumult.
When royal twins are born in the harem of Pharaoh Amenhotep III, they are soon entangled in an intrigue due to a shocking secret their mother whispers on her deathbed. Their nanny, Dwarf Beset, learns that this secret threatens the lives of the twins, involving a plot to overthrow the Crown. Her merciless investigation as she unfolds this complex mystery uncovers a conspiracy that encompasses an abduction, brutal torture, and murder.
Gourmet the Simple Way is a friendly primer containing recipes that are easy to execute while explaining a little French technique. There are no more than three steps of instruction for each recipe: Start, procedure, and finish. This format will make it easy to understand the beginning, middle and end of each preparation. You will learn to prepare great-tasting dishes without spending too much time in the kitchen. This book is for busy people who want to cook without complication. The axioms are quality ingredients, an easy style of cooking, and the enjoyment of eating.

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