Our Writers

Who we are: The Eight are experienced writers of both fiction and non-fiction, with a total of 44 completed books, 50 short works, 16 scripts and over 127 articles, and more underway. This blog will be on the literary side, with a minimum of kitty-cat pictures and catalogues of what we had for lunch, a maximum of short fiction and fun stuff.

Jean Adair Shriver began her publishing career with newspaper and magazine articles in the Christian Science Monitor, the L.A. Times, the San Diego Union and the Daily Breeze, number unknown.. Thanks to their YA contest, her Mayflower Man was published by Delacorte Press in 1991. Her book, The Einstein Solution, was recently published by World Nouveau Books. She has several more manuscripts in a dusty drawer of a roll-top desk.

Jeff Guenther has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Southern California. Lately, he has been studying cinema at LA Harbor College. He is a past president of Southwest Manuscripters and Torrance Toastmasters. Jeff’s Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain was nominated for Best Novel at SBWC (2005). His one-act play, Prisoner of Suggins Holler, won 2nd prize at Elite Theatre Group’s Short Play Contest (2010).

Paula Reuben has worked on 12 published books in the capacity of editor, ghost, or co-author.  Two of these works reached the NY Times best seller list, one was a Psychology Today Book of the Month Selection. She also edited two book-length manuscripts that have not been published yet, wrote an unpublished children’s book, is still working on a book (Sixpence), and is co-authoring a “cozy”.  She writes small bits and pieces and edits now and then.

Mary Jo Hazard is the author of The Peacocks of Palos Verdes, Palo’s World, and P is for Palos Verdes. She has been affiliated with Surfwriters, Redondo Beach Writers, and SCBWI. She wrote the “Welcome Wagon Column” in the Palos Verdes Peninsula News for 1973—1974.

Julie Mayerson Brown began her career writing humorous essays for an LA based parenting monthly. After several years as a columnist, Brown began freelancing. Her work has appeared in the Daily Breeze, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Jewish Journal, and Parenting Magazine.

Dolores Davis has written Gourmet the Simple Way and two novels set in 1500 BC Egypt, Harem Twins I and Harem Twins II. Currently she is working on a 1970’s noir novel, Black Angel. A melange of topics and eras speak to her.

Thomas Mooney, an English and History teacher, is the father of two daughters and author of four novels on the Plains Indians. His other works include three short stories and a book of poems.

Lori Jones is the author of Growing up Beautiful, The Beauty of a Second Chance, and Welcome to Retail, her latest screenplay. She started writing at age ten, took classes at UCLA, and traveled to five continents, meeting interesting characters and jumping feet first into situations that have made their way into her work.


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