Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 I open the Red Badge of Courage and take a look through the first chapter.  I don’t get it.  Even when I study the words real hard, some of them don’t make sense.  There is a big list at the bottom of every page that tries to explain the meaning of the stupidContinue reading “Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 5”

Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 4

It’s Monday morning, and I have to laugh at the terrible punishment the school has dumped on me.  Wow, I’ll be staying home all week and studying chess, poor me. I finish my breakfast and remember something I need to do.  The address book is in the bottom kitchen drawer, covered up by hot padsContinue reading “Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 4”

Life Themes Through Chess

In “life On a Chessboard,” dyslexic eighth grader, Steven Hanson meets Stoner, a Vietnam vet, who mentors Steven, teaching him chess and showing him how the game is a metaphor for life. See Chapter 3 of “Life On a Chessboard.” (Eight Great Storytellers)  Suspended from school,and discouraged by constant bullying, Steven learns there is more to theContinue reading “Life Themes Through Chess”

Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 2

It’s first period and I’m on my way to room 20.   I have only one thing in mind, and that’s getting close to Jamie, the new seventh grade girl. Brad Murphy passes me in the hall, a smirk on his face before he turns away.   Is he laughing at my scabs?   Maybe he hasn’t learnedContinue reading “Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 2”

Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 1

I knew it would happen sooner or later.  Brad Murphy’s gang pounces on me and I’m down on my stomach.  Two guys jump on my back.  Brad grabs my hair and grinds my face in the dirt.  But they’ve tangled with the wrong person.  Every muscle in my body is on fire.  I buck andContinue reading “Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 1”