Where Have All The Readers Gone?

     It doesn’t take a Cultural Anthropologist to figure out why readers are dropping like swatted flies. How many hours  a week do people spend binge watching TV shows or playing Candy-crush? Kids won’t, or can’t, peel their eyes away from their smart phones. Teens insist on sharing every boring moment of their livesContinue reading “Where Have All The Readers Gone?”

Ask a Storyteller: Writer’s Block Part 2

Today, the 8 Great Storytellers address the last question about Writer’s Block: D: How do you get in the mood to write?  What’s all this nonsense about “mood?”  If you sit around and wait for the inspiration muse to flutter by, you may write, but you’re not a writer.  Writers, like ditch diggers. get down and slog

3 Ways to Win against Writer’s Block

Nothing freaks writers out more than the inability to write. It can happen at any point in a project but most often strikes mid-stream. You are stopped cold, confronted by a startling realization that your story has lost direction and is sinking into an abyss of confusion. There are countless reasons why writers stumble, loseContinue reading “3 Ways to Win against Writer’s Block”

AUTHOR 2 AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Authors Mark Fine & Pamela Crane Reveal their Lives in Pursuit of the Art of Writing.

We’re airing our secrets in this author-on-author interview between me, Pamela Crane and Mark Fine, author of the critically-acclaimed novel “The Zebra Affaire.” Check it out here, and feel free to share it.

Ask a Storyteller: Writer’s Block Part 1

Today, the 8 Great Storytellers address questions about Writer’s Block: A: Are there times when you get writer’s block? Yes. –James Flaherty I’ve experienced writer’s block–not often though. –Mary Jo Hazard Not for many years. A blank page is like a fog bank where characters and their secrets are hiding; I just need to blowContinue reading “Ask a Storyteller: Writer’s Block Part 1”

A Passage from The Long Dance Home: “Intriguing Encounter”

http://www.siftingfocus.com Cecilia Rose, or Cece as called by her friends, ventured into town reluctantly. She had agreed to visit an old friend and now regretted it. After ten years in Los Angeles, her small, Northern California hometown made her uncomfortable and claustrophobic. She did not relish the prospect of running into people she used toContinue reading “A Passage from The Long Dance Home: “Intriguing Encounter””

Sex? I Can Do That.

“More sex,” he said. I was having coffee with an old friend, a publicist, who had offered advice on book promotion. I hadn’t expected “sex” to be on the agenda, but he was the expert, so I went with it. And he was, after all, doing me a favor. He even paid for my double-shot,Continue reading “Sex? I Can Do That.”

A Fixed Idea

Idée fixe (ee-day-feeks): An idea that dominates the mind; a fixed idea; an obsession I sit down in the shower, careful to center my bare behind in the exact middle of the rubber mat, and slip the bar of Ivory between my first and second toes. One, two, three, four, I mouth silently as I slideContinue reading “A Fixed Idea”

Why Writing at Home Won’t Work

You would think that working from home is a writer’s dream. Going into the “office” anytime of day, wearing pajamas or sweats or a costume, drinking your own favorite coffee, locating your workspace wherever you want, ideally in front of a picture window that looks over a forest thick with trees and birds and rompingContinue reading “Why Writing at Home Won’t Work”