Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain

Jeff’s new fantasy novel is now readable on Vella: Hirand, a young palace messenger, hopelessly in love with the Princess, is summoned and told that his beloved is dying and that the city’s wizard has been unable to cure her. The boy is given a map and ordered to travel alone, in secrecy, to aContinue reading “Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain”

90th Academy Awards Dinner Party Menu

  DUNKIRK Scones and Tea DARKEST HOUR A Cigar and Brandy on a Silver Tray THE POST Fancy 1970’s Hors d’oeuveres GET OUT New England Clam Chowder LADY BIRD Large Platter of Sacramento Produce THE SHAPE OF WATER Hard Boiled Eggs PHANTOM THREAD Sautéed Mushrooms CALL ME BY YOUR NAME Roast Beef with Apricot SauceContinue reading “90th Academy Awards Dinner Party Menu”

A Caged Bird – a Short Short Story

A bitch on a board.  Rise, drop, hot wheels singin’, the wind in her hair.  Ready for Scarecrow man – break on your board, slide under the skinny arm.  Calls her Sugar, wants her sugar, just like Uncle Boris.  Not about to get it.  Pump, pump, glide down Center Street.  Trash day on Maple.  KedsContinue reading “A Caged Bird – a Short Short Story”

The Goldfinch — a book review

           Donna Tartt’s bestselling 771 page novel, which won the 2014 Pulitzer prize for fiction, has both supporters and detractors. The nay sayers seem to object to the abrupt change of milieu from a vibrant and colorful Manhattan full of interesting people and possibilities to a dusty uninspiring Las Vegas whereContinue reading “The Goldfinch — a book review”