“Helpin’ Out Daddy,” a short, short story

Red sun blisterin’ hot, dryin’ out morning dew.  No money till pickin’ time.  Plastic sheets coverin’ sulfury-smellin’ dirt, screechin’ underfoot.  Findin’ her place, bucket in hand.  Endless rows of plump fruit fixin’ to swamp her. Mr. C. livin’ in her head, pushin’.  “Hey, girl, you late.  No profit in dallyin’.  Finish yer row, have somethin’Continue reading ““Helpin’ Out Daddy,” a short, short story”

Looking Back – “A Tryst with the Buffalo People”

I remember as a boy, when we could smell the Buffalo People coming.  Their scent was carried on the south wind, and there was no mistaking it.  They came into our country in the Moon of the Falling Leaves, and my friend, Crow Boy, was always the first to know.  He would run through theContinue reading “Looking Back – “A Tryst with the Buffalo People””

Every Forever Day, a short short story

Green green fields washin’ over him’  Green leaves, green stems smotherin’ the red fruit. Spittin’ blood, wipin’ sweat, cadgin’ the life outa him. “Go boy, you two boxes behind,” say Red. Hands crampin’, fingers blisterin’, nails splittin’, sun pourin’ down.  Gotta fill them boxes, gotta rid that debt. “You full up, boy; heft that box,Continue reading “Every Forever Day, a short short story”

Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 I open the Red Badge of Courage and take a look through the first chapter.  I don’t get it.  Even when I study the words real hard, some of them don’t make sense.  There is a big list at the bottom of every page that tries to explain the meaning of the stupidContinue reading “Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 5”

Begin Again, a movie review

If you’re looking for a solid summer love story with music that penetrates your heart, try Begin Again, from writer/director Jim Carney. One night while drinking at a bar, Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo), a struggling record producer, encounters Greta ( Keira Knightly), a fiercely independent songwriter.  Though Greta’s guitar-playing and vocals evoke yawns from theContinue reading “Begin Again, a movie review”