Chapter 1

Magdalena D’Alessandro arrived early to remove the card from the extravagant wreath that lay on Angelina’s casket. She read the sentiment then placed it in her purse knowing it would anger her father that ‘The Organization’ sent flowers to her younger sister’s funeral. His fragile health needed no additional shock. After taking a front rowContinue reading “Chapter 1”

Albondigas Soup Recipe

Ethnic soups add much variety to the American diet, and this one is a staple in my home. In cold weather, this is an especially warming and satisfying soup. Albondigas in Spanish means meatballs. I think you will find this a great entrée soup when eaten with warm tortillas or garlic bread. This recipe isContinue reading “Albondigas Soup Recipe”

Prologue to Harem Twins

Egypt’s sun god Ra was rising in the eastern sky to cast his vibrant rays on the white walls of Pharaoh Amenhotep III’s grand new house. A newborn, about to arrive at sunrise in Pharaoh’s Harem, would foretell of exceptional heavenly influences. The mother, Princess Attah of Mitanni, was twelve summers old. Her diminutive frameContinue reading “Prologue to Harem Twins”

Book Review: The Glassblower

The Glassblower, by Petra Durst-Benning, is a little slow to get into, but the story of the Steinmann sisters and their struggles in glassblowing soon drew me in. With the death of their father, Johanna, Ruth, and Marie have lost their last parent and their income. Life becomes frighteningly uncertain, and the young women faceContinue reading “Book Review: The Glassblower”

Fast French Onion Soup

Fast French Onion Soup This soup is prepared in approximately 20 minutes and matches the taste of the original classic very well. You don’t need the ovenproof bowls as the broiling step is eliminated!  Ingredients 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespoon olive oil 3 large, onions skinned, halved and sliced as thin as possible ½ teaspoonContinue reading “Fast French Onion Soup”

Dining at the Bellinghausen

In the early 1950’s when you walked into the Restaurante Bellinghausen, the aroma of sauerkraut and the sounds of bistro dishes clanking filled the air. Yet the boisterous chatter of the German language was the real surprise. This flourishing Mexico City delicatessen, located in the posh zona-rosa district, teemed with curious tourists, wealthy residents, butContinue reading “Dining at the Bellinghausen”

How To Plan A Great 87th Academy Awards Party

Email a themed invitation (see example above – click to enlarge) and require a prompt RSVP so you can email your guests a ballot (see example below – click to enlarge.) Guests to arrive with ballots filled out (or emailed – if coming late). Require all guests bring a bottle of wine to be dividedContinue reading “How To Plan A Great 87th Academy Awards Party”