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Sample Chapter: Southern Discomfort

Part of my soon-to-be-published novel, Southern Discomfort, has been posted here on 8 Great Storytellers. It’s posted under its own tab, on the right side of the top menu. Updates will be added there as they become available. Comments and questions, please!


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The Cemetery

(Chapter 15 of a forthcoming book, WOMAN IN WHITE, by Gildon Beall)

GhostDanceTexturesThe graveyard of Rev. Cricklewood’s “Angelic Brotherhood Church” was illumined only by a pale sliver of moon peeking through thin clouds. It was quiet; the sort of night that mortals find oppressive or frightening, the appropriate venue for spirits. No living mortals were present. Evanescent vapors, chill breezes, and odors of decay heralded the time for Continue reading


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Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I open the Red Badge of Courage and take a look through the first chapter.  I don’t get it.  Even when I study the words real hard, some of them don’t make sense.  There is a big list at the bottom of every page that tries to explain the meaning of the stupid words that the writer is using.  Words like “keer” and “sech” and “kilt,” that aren’t even English words.  After awhile, I finally get it that people in those Civil War days didn’t talk the way we do now.

It takes me about two hours to get through the first chapter.  Even though I’m really tired, I think I have an idea of what’s going on.  These soldiers belong to the Union Army and they are all waiting for the battle to start.  And a boy called Henry Fleming has joined up and is stuck into this regiment.  Henry is all excited about the glory of war and how great it will be to go into battle for his country.  But I don’t get that because the soldiers are fighting the Confederate guys who are also American soldiers.  And even Henry’s Mom seems to want him to go, because she tells him not to do any “shirkin.”  I looked up that word in the glossary and it means that he always has to be brave and do his duty by killing the enemy soldiers.  I wonder if my Mom would ever want me to go to war like Henry’s Mom.

I toss the book on the table and crap out on the bed.   I don’t even know if I’ve really learned Continue reading

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A Passage from The Long Dance Home: “Intriguing Encounter”


Sticky Bun Coffee Cake from

Cecilia Rose, or Cece as called by her friends, ventured into town reluctantly. She had agreed to visit an old friend and now regretted it. After ten years in Los Angeles, her small, Northern California hometown made her uncomfortable and claustrophobic. She did not relish the prospect of running into people she used to know. But the desire to avoid being seen did not dissuade her from taking a quick detour . . .  Continue reading


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Princess Attah

Princess Attah who gives birth to the children in my novel, Harem Twins, reveals her journey to Egypt.


Mitanni Kingdom 1500 BC (Within the Babylonian Empire)

One day, Father summoned me to his throne and asked that I sit upon his lap. As he fingered one of my earrings, he spoke. “I am told that you received your days of the moon,” Princess Attah.”

I nodded and knew what was coming. My aunts had told me what Continue reading

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Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 4

It’s Monday morning, and I have to laugh at the terrible punishment the school has dumped on me.  Wow, I’ll be staying home all week and studying chess, poor me.

I finish my breakfast and remember something I need to do.  The address book is in the bottom kitchen drawer, covered up by hot pads and hand towels.  I only remember dad talking about Aunt Jessica once, and it was some kind of put-down I didn’t understand.  Continue reading

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“Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 3

When I get home, I toss my book bag in my room.  I flop on my bed, trying to figure out how I can get even with that lying prick, Brad Murphy.  Then I hear Betty and my father busting in the front door.  They come in my room.

“Steeeven!” Betty shouts.  “Why have you been suspended?  What have you done?”

My father’s face is beet red.  He glares at me, waiting for me to say something.

I try to defend myself.  “It’s not all that bad.  The other guys lied and Mr. Aguilar believed them, just because Brad Murphy is the student body president.”

My father points a finger at me, “Not that bad?  The Vice-principal said you used a knife on the boy.” Continue reading


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Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 2

It’s first period and I’m on my way to room 20.   I have only one thing in mind, and that’s getting close to Jamie, the new seventh grade girl.

Brad Murphy passes me in the hall, a smirk on his face before he turns away.   Is he laughing at my scabs?   Maybe he hasn’t learned his lesson after all.

When I get to the room, I find Jamie working at her station.  She flashes on my face and turns away, not saying anything.  God, she is really hot with her pointy titties and great hair.  She has freckles on her nose and her blonde hair is piled on the top of her head with little curly strands falling out all over the place.  I sit only two spaces away from her.  When she’s here, the room shines. Continue reading


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Life On a Chessboard, Chapter 1

I knew it would happen sooner or later.  Brad Murphy’s gang pounces on me and I’m down on my stomach.  Two guys jump on my back.  Brad grabs my hair and grinds my face in the dirt.  But they’ve tangled with the wrong person.  Every muscle in my body is on fire.  I buck and roll, sending the two assholes on my back flying.

“Hold him, hold him, for Christ’s sake,” Brad shouts. Continue reading

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