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Los Angeles at Night: The Lemmon Incident


Jack Lemmon

I saw something in the news the other day about Jack Lemmon, the actor, who died 15 years ago at age 76. Although I enjoyed his work, I never met him, but I came close.

Early in the 1960’s, I was a young researcher on the UCLA faculty. I was involved in a study of the sleep patterns of asthma patients. We asked some of our patients to sleep at the Westwood Neuropsychiatric Unit with electrodes strapped to their Continue reading



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The Cemetery

(Chapter 15 of a forthcoming book, WOMAN IN WHITE, by Gildon Beall)

GhostDanceTexturesThe graveyard of Rev. Cricklewood’s “Angelic Brotherhood Church” was illumined only by a pale sliver of moon peeking through thin clouds. It was quiet; the sort of night that mortals find oppressive or frightening, the appropriate venue for spirits. No living mortals were present. Evanescent vapors, chill breezes, and odors of decay heralded the time for Continue reading


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“Dr. Beall, can you do clinicsomething about that patient, the strange one? She’s giving us a hard time,” Phyllis barked over the intercom from the front desk. She was fuming. She was busy and found it difficult to deal with disruptions in the routine of the HIV/AIDS clinic.

“Do you mean Lavinia?” I asked. “She’s Doris’ patient, and Doris will see her, or him, as soon as she’s finished with what she’s doing.”

“Oh, no I won’t.” Continue reading


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