Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain

Jeff’s new fantasy novel is now readable on Vella: Hirand, a young palace messenger, hopelessly in love with the Princess, is summoned and told that his beloved is dying and that the city’s wizard has been unable to cure her. The boy is given a map and ordered to travel alone, in secrecy, to a far off realm and bring back a mysterious, reclusive wizard to heal the princess. Unknown to Hirand, the Princess is in perfect health. Unknown to all, this wizard he seeks is actually an ancient sorcerer of tremendous power and ambition.

Vella is Kindle’s new serialization interface. Each episode is between 600 and 5000 words. Writers can add episodes a few at a time, or an entire work can be uploaded all at once. All 59 episodes of Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain have been uploaded.

The first three episodes of each story can be read free on or the Kindle iOS app. Readers can also get 200 free tokens to use on any story. After the three free episodes, unlocking each 100 words requires 1 token. Tokens cost about $1.00 per hundred. Bought in bulk, the price drops to about $0.88 per hundred. Although Kindle states that token prices may vary, a 50,000 word story consisting of 10 episodes of 5,000 words each, would currently cost a total of about $3.09 to unlock.

Any questions?


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