Life Themes Through Chess

In “life On a Chessboard,” dyslexic eighth grader, Steven Hanson meets Stoner, a Vietnam vet, who mentors Steven, teaching him chess and showing him how the game is a metaphor for life.

See Chapter 3 of “Life On a Chessboard.” (Eight Great Storytellers)  Suspended from school,and discouraged by constant bullying, Steven learns there is more to the game of chess than personal entertainment.

*Chess and Life Themes in Steven’s character development.

Before you make a move, think it through.  Don’t get careless.  Figure out all the ramifications.

Cooperation / Teamwork
You can lose a game because your pieces are not coordinated.  They aren’t working as a team.
Always keep teamwork in mind.  That goes for working with people, too.

There’s no reward for attacking fast.  The object is to win the game.  Be patient; build your position a move at a time.

When you advance a pawn to the 8th rank, you can promote it to anything but a king.  It’s like it has graduated from college and has more power.  Unless you want to be a pawn all your life, you’ll graduate from college, too.

If you want to defend against an opening, study it when there’s lots of time.  Studying is preparation for life’s battles.  If you don’t study, you’re showing up naked, unarmed.

Excerpts from “Thematic Chess Notions,” by Jeff Guenther, Eight Great Storytellers.  (More to follow)









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3 thoughts on “Life Themes Through Chess

  1. Chess is a wonderful metaphor for life. Your parallels are excellent and thought-provoking. Would love to see more.


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