Writer’s Block or Run

How many times have you left characters waiting on the page because you don’t know what to write next? You know where your characters have been and where you want them to end up, but you can’t seem to figure out what to do with them at the present moment. You might feel like screaming, crying, or kicking something to get past the frustration, but you don’t have to. I’d like to pass along one option that works so well for me, I haven’t had writers block in over five years.

Instead of trying to force the scene to come alive, or come up with the perfect line of dialog, I run. Jog really. It took years for me to figure out that I need to let my subconscious computer have a go at it. I grab a pen and notepad and head out, knowing there is something I have overlooked, or need to add, or delete. The magic always seems to happen about twenty minutes into my route, and by that I mean the ideas come flooding in so fast I can barely get them down on paper.

Jogging is also good for saying goodbye. Not being able to let go of a humorous sentence, or an intriguing paragraph that didn’t work in my story used to keep me stuck as well. Now it takes just a few laps outside to happily relent to my inner voice and cut the text.

So, walk, jog or run away from writer’s block and listen to the deep recesses of your mind. It always knows best.


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block or Run

  1. the you, you, is not really engaging. Refer back to yourself. It’s too short to consider whether there is anything else to comment upon, but it reads fast and well.


  2. Agreed Lori, but since my feet don’t want to run these days, I get in my car and drive and it also loosens up the tight synapses!


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