10 of my Favorite Things to Do When I was six!

1. Swimming in my “day of the week” underwear

2. Licking the spoon when my mom baked cookies

3. Jumping in rain puddles

4. Digging in the dirt to make mud pies for giants

5. Catching fireflies and putting them in jars to light up my room

6. Sitting my mom’s lap while she read my favorite book

7. Flying kites near the beach

8. Playing jump rope

9. Sandcastles

10. Checking as many books as I could carry out of the library

What were your top ten things?


Published by Mary Jo Hazard, M.A., M.F.T.

Author of “P is for Palos Verdes”, “The Peacocks of Palos Verdes” and “Palo’s World”. Books are available at local shops, Amazon and peacocksofpalosverdes.com. Available for school visits, book readings and signings. I’m now revising my first novel “Stillwater."

4 thoughts on “10 of my Favorite Things to Do When I was six!

  1. My list: (1) Cleaning up after my mother made fudge. (2) Going for a walk with my mother and sister on the site of the 1932 Olympic Village. (3) Playing with my WWII toys: little planes and boats. (4) Reading comic books. (5) Being read to from Winnie The Pooh. (6) Going to Fern Dell for a picnic with a different Winnie. (7) Going to the little engine park. (8) Reading the “funny papers” on Saturday night. If only they were still as funny…(9) “Midnight Lunch,” when my father got home from his county medical meeting, woke us up, and fixed fried baloney sandwiches for us. (10) Playing in our canvas teepee.


  2. 1. Learning to ride the bicycle my dad decided to buy for me and my brother.
    2. Reading more, I realised much later my love for books, and fiction
    3. Trying to be a better bigger sister to my sister
    4. Taking up on the offer to learn knitting (free of charge)
    5. Climbing more trees
    6. Actually making the tree house my brother and I imagined.
    7. Watch Disney Sleeping Beauty again and again.
    Could only come up with 7. 8,9,10 would be play play and play. 🙂


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