Does an auk
ever gawk
at a hawk?

Would a titmouse
play house
with a grouse?

Would an ordinary fowl
consider it a howl
to cohabit with an owl?

Do cuckoos
and cockatoos
other lovers?

Do you think a sparrow
Walks the straight and narrow?
Or does he sometimes stray
with a jay?

Would you say
a peacock might
spend the night
with a kite?

Does a parrot think
a whippoorwill
A thrill?
Or is he fonder
of a condor?

And does a coot
think it a hoot
to cover a plover?
Or much more pleasant
to do a pheasant?

Would it be grander
for a gander
to cut loose
with a goose?
Or to spoon
with a loon?

Does a drake
only ache
to get lucky
with a duckie?
Or dream of going insane
with a crane?

Would a grackle
long to tackle
a pterodac’yl?
Or perhaps flit
for a bit
with a tit?

Would a dove
to hobnob
with a cobb?
Or have a yen
to sin
with a wren?

Does a pigeon
ever get an itchin’
for a wigeon,
or, by jingo,
beach blanket bingo
with a flamingo…?
I don’t think so.

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  1. Jeff, here’s a tip of the beak
    And a flap of the wing,
    I would warble your praises
    If I could but sing.


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