Wine is for Offerings

Wine is for Taxes

Wine is for Happy Returns and Merry Making

–1500 BC Egypt

(New evidence suggests that because Egypt produced wine well before 3000 BC, and labeled its origin, date and vintage on each jar indicating that writing began in Egypt).


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3 responses to “Toast

  1. Author unknown? Interesting that offerings is mentioned first. Libations, per the Roman custom? Or did the Greeks do that? Today, of course, we don’t use wine to pay our taxes, but sometimes to find solace after the tax man has had his way with us.


    • I thought I’d have to read a book for a disorvecy like this!


      • Dolores Davis

        Thanks for the comment. The saying was ubiquitous in ancient Egypt as wine was greatly revered. The Nile was not potable with references to that fact from 2800 BC. Of course the great river inundated annually, yet the Egyptians all drank a quickly made beer to ensure a safe drinking liquid. The rich usually drank wine. History from ancient Egypt inspires me to set novels within the period.


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